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Culture Change

Our client, a large UK based tax department, was mid-way through an organisational wide change programme. The department had adopted a new organisational structure, new processes and a new set of strategic priorities. One of these priorities was to provide higher levels of customer service and to be closer to business customers. Despite all the changes, customers weren’t experiencing any improvement in service. Our client believed that there was a need to change the culture inherent in the department.

Affecton was approached to conduct a review with recommendations on how to positively change the culture. Our first step was to clarify that the culture within an organisation is the sum of all the individual behaviour in the organisation. Individual behaviour is affected by individual beliefs and the performance measures that are applied. We then outlined a behaviour change model showing the cause effect relationship of various behavioural factors and how these directly affect behaviour.

Our review then focussed on identifying the factors which were present in the department. This was done through a series of confidential interviews with key people at all levels in the organisation. We were able to present a clear picture of what factors were present and how these caused particular types of behaviour – both positive and negative in terms of delivering customer service.

We outlined a detailed set of recommendations for achieving positive changes in behaviour throughout the department. This included a practical application of the behaviour change model for the client to implement. Our report and recommendations were well received by the client and have informed the ongoing approach to organisational change.