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Scenario Planning

Our client, a leading multinational company, wanted to use its annual global tax department conference to stimulate thinking amongst the senior tax management team about important longer term issues beyond the urgent and immediate.

Affecton designed and ran a Scenario Planning workshop. Our framework enabled everyone to examine the forces shaping society, their industry and the tax environment. This led the group to consider a number of plausible alternative futures for their company and to develop the most effective tax strategies for each of them.

This broader based approach allowed the team to build in a number of important “no regret” options suitable for some or all of their scenarios. They were also able to identify risks of particular strategies under different possible futures. This led the team to create a more robust tax planning strategy as a foundation for future tax planning initiatives.

The process of investigating alternative futures involved intellectual rigour and a strong sense of imagination. Everyone enjoyed the workshop – it was a stimulating experience for the whole team. It created a renewed commitment to achieving common objectives. And as one participant said: “Apart from being more confident we have reduced our risks by rigorously testing our tax planning approach, we have taken the scenario approach on board as a useful tool in our ongoing planning.”