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Strategic Planning

Our client, a large tax team at a major financial group, were planning to conduct an off-site meeting for the senior team to develop tax initiatives and plan for the coming year. The Head of Tax wanted the meeting to help build more effective communication and understanding throughout the senior team which was spread over several locations in the UK and overseas. He also wanted the group to consider a broad range of issues, not just those of a technical tax nature, in planning for the year ahead.

Affecton was approached to conduct the meeting because of our collaborative approach, our in-depth knowledge of tax and the organisation and management of the tax function. As a first step, we met or spoke to everyone attending the meeting. From these discussions we gained an understanding of what was important to each person and what was possible.

We then designed the day with a clear plan for each session allowing time for exploring alternatives and reaching agreement on priorities by the end. This included creating ideas covering technical, process and management areas. We introduced a number of collaborative team building exercises which helped build a common understanding and purpose to support the decision-making process.

The senior tax team was freed up to think and develop some brilliant ideas. Everyone was able to explore alternatives in a supportive environment. The end result was agreement on some key objectives and initiatives, many of which were created on the day.