Case studies

Business interface

Our client, a large tax function a top ten FTSE 100 company, had expanded its tax department to meet increased compliance and regulatory requirements, particularly Sarbanes Oxley. While it had focussed on meeting these requirements it had diverted resources from business planning and support. The tax function now wanted to reconnect with the business and extend its reach with the wider business, to develop and implement business aligned tax planning and to support the business generally.

The client approached Affecton to deliver a tax interface programme to build better relationships with key areas of the business, create business aligned tax planning initiatives and develop improved ways of supporting the business. Two further objectives were: to conduct the programme efficiently without using too much business or tax personnel time; and not to create expectations in the business beyond what the tax function was able to deliver, particularly in terms of value to the group as a whole.

We designed a programme to engage in a high level dialogue with senior business people and create new ways of working with the business. This was achieved through face-to-face meetings structured around the group’s strategic priorities. These meetings were very well received and immediately improved the tax function’s reputation with the business.

The dialogue also led to a fresh understanding of what was developing in all areas of the business and what was important. This understanding was used to develop a series of creative thinking and idea development workshops with the business. This consolidated and improved relationships with the business and further enhanced the tax function’s reputation. A number of high value business aligned tax planning ideas were developed for further development, as well as new ways of working with the business. Our client was extremely happy with the outcome and, following the programme, the feedback in business customer surveys was outstanding. The Head of Tax said: “Group Tax’s business profile continues to rise. It is good to see tax holding a leadership position in the organisation”.

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