Case studies

Business partnering

Our client, a large tax function at a major financial group, saw the value in building even stronger relationships with key people in the business. They had already made significant improvements in service to business customers. However, the senior tax team recognised that in order to achieve closer business partnering, they needed to change the way they worked and interacted with the business.

Affecton was approached to design and deliver a business partnering programme. Based on meetings with each person, a bespoke programme was developed to build the skills and capabilities of key individuals in the tax team. The centre-piece was an intensive two-day workshop focussed on individual development. A range of relationship building skills were introduced, together with life-long learning skills to increase individual awareness and enhance key strengths.

Everyone who participated achieved improvements in their capability to develop and maintain productive relationships. All participants were positive about the changes they experienced. As one person noted: “the two days went extremely well, and I will certainly put into practice what we learnt…in real life (and not just in communicating to the business). I really appreciate that some of the desired behaviours are…almost philosophical and ethical changes rather than ‘just’ personal skills. So you have given us some wonderful IP, which will make a real difference in how we live and treat others.”

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