Case studies

Leadership teambuilding

Our client, a large UK based tax function, wanted to improve team performance. The team had already seen significant improvements in performance through enhanced processes, new people and a new organisation structure. However, they recognised that even more could be gained through closer team working, particularly at the senior level.

Affecton was asked to deliver a leadership development programme aimed at enhancing team performance. The client wanted an approach that appealed to the team’s intellectual curiosity rather than a more physically structured programme. Based on an assessment of team member’s capabilities, experience and expectations, we designed a bespoke programme to build awareness of differences and enhance team working. This was delivered in a series of individual and group meetings, supported by structured awareness and feedback exercises.

The team experienced immediate improvements in communication and team working. The programme also led to greater engagement within the wider team as the senior leadership adopted new ways of learning, working and communicating with all staff, not just amongst themselves.

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