Our tax team: expertise for positive change

Use the experience of our team, to achieve the latent potential in yours. At our core, we are a team of tax professionals with experience in organisational change consulting. Combined with our associates, we deliver comprehensive solutions in to help companies improve tax direction, performance and reputation.

Roy Millman

Roy leads Affecton. Formerly a partner with Ernst & Young, he founded Affecton in 2002 to help companies develop and implement initiatives to achieve greater Business Tax Alignment. He has unique experience in designing and implementing tax function improvement programmes. Roy is also focussed on assisting in-house tax teams raise their profile and enhance their reputation.

Tom Duffy

Tom is an expert in managing and leading tax functions, having headed tax services for Shell. Tom joined Affecton to focus on the organisational and people management aspects of change in the tax function: a function with a complex mix of professional and corporate priorities. Tom has experience of what it takes to bring about practical change in this area.

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Mark Annesley

Mark, a former partner with PwC, joined Affecton to concentrate on how best to bring together the activities of the business with their tax implications and opportunities. Mark brings experience in leading major tax change projects, having advised some of the world’s largest companies in London and Hong Kong.

Sandar Millman

Sandar is an expert in the analysis and presentation of quantitative information and manages our research. Prior to forming Affecton, Sandar worked as a financial and tax accountant advising entrepreneurial businesses.



The associate network provides Affecton with a flexible, and affordable, resource of highly regarded experts and academics in the fields of creativity, change, leadership and consulting.

John Higgins

John is an expert on change and the consulting process. John worked as an organisational consultant for many of the world’s leading consulting firms before focusing on academic research. He is now a research associate of Ashridge. His recent books have been ‘Organisational Consulting: A Relational Perspective’ and ‘Images of authority – working within the shadow of the crown’.

Neil Pavitt

Neil is an expert in creativity. He consults on the creative process and how to be more creative. Neil has worked as a creative director at many of the world’s leading advertising agencies including Saatchi and Saatchi and Bates. He now runs his own consulting firm Lightbulb, in addition to working as an advertising creative.