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Performance: how we get things done

How can we create a needed change in the performance of the team and our contribution to the business?

We work with the tax team to understand the complexity and interdependencies in the system. We then use this understanding of change to improve performance. To see how we have helped our clients, please view the case studies.

High Performance

Our client, a major financial group, had expanded significantly through a series of mergers and acquisitions.

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Global Function Alignment

Our client, a major multinational’s Tax Function, had ultimate responsibility for all aspects of planning and complying with employment taxes for expatriates and national staff.

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Policies, Procedures and Controls

In a review of a FTSE 100 tax function we recommended that all policies, procedures and controls were documented in a single location, accessible to all, in a manner that could be updated and revised as necessary.

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Leadership Teambuilding

Our client, a large UK based tax function, wanted to improve team performance. The team had already seen significant improvements in performance through enhanced processes, new people and a new organisation structure.

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